Meow Or Never, Go Go Gold

Sharing similar passion towards dance, local omnipreneurs Jin and Melly founded Melly Gold Round in 2016 for their passion not just towards dance but also vintage thrifted clothings.

To this duo, vintage clothings are a representation and also a self expression of oneself as they are one of a kind. Melly (derived from Mel) Gold (translated from the Mandarin word ‘Jin’) Round came from the idea of a Merry Go Round.

They believe in recycling fashion because one man’s trash could just possibly be someone else’s treasure.

Jin: The idea of Melly Gold Round kindled in the late 2016 when I wore a vintage Shell Petrol employee jacket to dance and Meow happened to had a conversation with me about vintage fashion. The conversation very quickly escalated into introducing a vintage clothing to the Singapore Market. Just like that, we decided to give it a shot in the little red dot. Something about this felt right, it felt like it was going to be the adventure of our lifetime being able to provide affordable vintage thrifted clothing to enthusiasts.

When we see people rock the clothing we picked, it makes everything worth it.

Melly Gold Round is catered to people who are like minded and are down to experimenting with different styles and looks with unique one-of-a-kind pieces.

When asked about the challenges faced by the business in this economically fast changing country.

The duo commented that MGR is a small business so they do not have to worry much about investors. Instead, they invest with their money to sustain the business and even though both of them are very busy with their dance jobs, sourcing for clothings is actually the challenge and of course, there’s the stigma of buying second-hand clothing.

Fashion is versatile and know no limits

Seek: What changes would you foresee in the fashion scene in Singapore?

MGR: More and more individuals who dare to be different and bold in their dressing and creating their own unique identity.

Nowadays, everyone is looking to work with one another, wanting to create something fantastic, yearning to be the talk of the town, a partnership! MGR is no exception when we asked about their interest in collaborations.

JIN: We love meeting new people, we adore networking and getting to mingle with people who are passionate about fashion and clothing alike.

Every and any kind of collaboration, we love. Because fashion is versatile and know no limits. To be honest, adidas was one of the brands that we really want to work with especially because of its classic vintage vibes and also because we are dancers and owning a pair of adidas is everything.

Melly: I will speak for Jin on this one: Golf Wang. Dancers, musicians, artists, anyone who dares to stand out. Local brands not limiting to fashion, think Khong Guan Biscuit tins because of it’s old-school feel.

New year, new news! MGR is working on launching their new online webstore and aiming to host more pop-ups and parties. Recently, they did their first “It’s Meow Or Never, Go Go Gold”, a small humble party with a variety of everything they love: fashion, flea, good music, dancing and junk food.

The next event MGR would be at is “The Radikal Forze Jam 2018” – the freshest Hip Hop event in Asia , happening 15th-17th March at Scape where they would be having a booth! Don’t miss out!

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