A Conversation With FAKYU Singapore’s Hip-Hop Duo

On synergy, the local dance scene, and future of dance

Formed in 2013, meet the brains and brawn of Singapore’s hip-hop dance duo, FAKYU. It all began when Kyung was looking for a partner to join the Tri-Uni (Inter Uni) 2v2 hip hop battle in NUS. When Kyung asked Fazil to join the battle with him, little did they know that it would be the birth of FAKYU and also a long-lasting dance partnership.

“…I didn't have a partner, so when Kyung asked me to join together with him, I said yes.”

Over the years, Fazil and Kyung have trained and joined dance battles and showcases together. One of their more notable achievements as a crew was when they came in as 2nd Runner Up for Singapore Dance Delight Volume 6 in 2016. It’s Singapore’s biggest dance showcase and the first time they joined as FAKYU. Their recent milestone is when they came in 2nd for All-Guys Category of the All-Babes Cineleisure Dance Battle in October.

Q: Why is this duo partnership so different, rare and special?

Fazil: Our chemistry is incomparable especially when we join dance battles together. We know exactly what we are going to do even though we didn’t plan anything beforehand. This kind of “chemistry” is really rare and it’s not only because we dance together.

Kyung: It’s true, besides dancing, we hang out almost every other day. It is really rare to find a partner with passion and drive towards dance, especially in university where studies are heavily prioritized. We have our distinct style but we have been told that our chemistry is really strong.

“…When majority of the dance scene knew about FAKYU and what we represented, we were really happy”

Q: What are some of the challenges faced together?

Kyung: Our schedule was really hectic and it was hard to find time to meet up to practice, and it eventually became midnight practices. Both of us really wanted to make it work, so we just persevered and practiced around 3 or 4 times a week in the months leading towards the competition.

Q: What is the Hip Hop scene like in Singapore?

Fazil: Having immersed ourselves in Hip-hop back in 2013, the scene has really grown, younger generation are blessed to have avenues and mentors available for them to learn from. Senior mentors have also cultivated a strong student base and has groom them well in their attitude. Now that Kyung and I are both hosting dance classes at Converge Studios and DanzPeople respectively, our aim is to mentor them and cultivate their style.

“I envision Singaporean dancers to represent hard everywhere around the world, gain respect from other dancers, winning battles, exchanging, having fun”

Q: What do you envisioned the future of dance to be like?

Fazil: I hope that one day, dancers will become “superstars” in their own right, where tens of thousands of people will pay to watch dancers perform in a concert. For the Singapore dance scene, I envision that we will become one of the go-to destinations for dancers around the world to learn, train, perform and compete. In fact, it’s already happening with international events like Summer Jam Dance Camp and Radical Forze Jam. Whatever the future may hold, I hope that Singaporean dancers can come together, put aside whatever “beef” we may have, and grow together.

"I envision that we will become one of the go-to destinations for dancers around the world to learn, train, perform and compete."

Q: What are ideal dance sneakers?

Kyung: The perfect sneakers to dance are the ones which has equally high fashion and function. When you feel good, you’ll tend to dance better. Imagine yourself wearing shoes of colors & design which you hate. It’ll really bog down your mind. When it comes to function the type of cut, type of sole, flatness, cushioning, smoothness would allow you to perform better. You’d prefer thicker sneakers when you have a dance move that requires you to slam your heels. 

"...younger generation are blessed to have avenues and mentors available for them to learn from."

Q: What do you think about these new Puma Suedes?

Fazil: I’ve always wanted to get a pair of Puma Suedes because it has been recommended by many dancers and I heard that it can withstand wear and tear for a long time. These 50th Anniversary Suedes takes comfort to a new level. There’s additional cushioning around the ankles, there’s the gold shoelace tags which comes with it. The new classic Puma Stripe comes in leather for this 50th Anniversary Edition, which makes it more resistant to dirt and less prone to fading like the previous model. If you’re a dancer, I sincerely encourage you to get these new Suedes!

Kyung: Firstly, these new Puma Suedes are different in design and function from the classic ones. The new ones have additional cushion around the lower ankle area and even inside the shoes itself. This adds additional cushion and comfort, making it one of the most comfortable flat shoes. Design wise, there’s a mini gold color plate that says “PUMA” or “SUEDE” which shines like a bling bling, adding the sleekness of the shoes. Also, the stipe at the side of the shoes is made of leather, preventing color change. Given my feet shape, it hurt my feet when I wore the classic ones for long hours but for the new ones, I can really wear them for the whole day without feeling any discomfort.

As part of the 50th anniversary celebration for the PUMA Suede, the Bboy Fabulous rendition paid homage by naming it after the sub-culture that made this silhoutte the icon it is today among sneakerheads and street dancers.

Now available in store and online.

SGD $149


SGD $149


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